Garbage & Recycling

Harter's Fox Valley Disposal:

Garbage Pickup Calendar 2022

Harter's phone:  1-888-804-8556.

Trash and Recycling pick-up is every week. 

Can replacement: The cost is $75 per can. Call the Town Hall to request and pay for a new garbage and/or recycling can 920-235-6953.

Missed pickup:  Was Garbage or Recycling missed at your home?  Call Harter’s within 24 hours of missed pickup to make them aware 888-804-8556.



Please bring your plastic wraps, bags, food bags (clear of residue) to the Town Hall for recycling...KEEP out of the landfill!  Collection containers are located at each entrance of the Town Hall and Kwik Trip located on 76/Green Valley Rd.  Please see the flyer attached for details on what types of plastics are included in this program.



Disposal of Needles

Used needles are a hazard! They must NOT be placed in your trash or recyclables. Return them to Mercy Medical Center - Oshkosh, Theda Clark Medical Center - Neenah or ask at your local pharmacy/clinic.