No plastic bags

PLEASE keep in mind that plastic bags are NOT recycleable in our curbside containers.  Plastic bags are recycleable at many local grocery stores.  Thanks to everyone that is recycling~ just please, no plastic bags!

Curbside pickup correction:

Curbside pickup IS Tuesday, July 6th. 

Pickup only gets moved to Wednesday if the holiday falls ON a Monday.

Happy 4th Everyone!

Garbage pick up

Questions about garbage pickup.  Garbage pickup is always on Tuesday UNLESS a holiday falls on Monday then the rule of thumb is garbage will be picked up a day later on Wednesday. The magnet you received has an error on it showing no pickup the first week of August. That information is incorrect and there will be regular pickup on Tuesday, August 3.  

Resident Animal Control Officer Needed

The Town of Vinland is looking for Town Resident to fill Animal Control Officer Position  

Responsibilities include:

Respond to complaints of domesticated animal abuse

Investigate complaints and work with animal owners to find resolution

Handle dog bite complaints including notification of County Health Department

Pick up stray animals and locate owners, if possible

Respond to complaints of barking dogs and/or running at large

Verify if the dog(s) are properly licensed with the town

Complete training course under s. 173.27 within one year of hire

This position has all the powers and duties of Wis. Statutes 173.07 

Minimum Requirements:  Must obtain Humane Officer certification within one year of employment through the State of Wisconsin, Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.